LRI Strategic Overview


Within The Long Run's overall vision, mission and values, the envisaged long-term impact is: Ecosystems globally are conserved and sustainably used for economic development underpinned by a holistic balance of conservation, community, culture and commerce (4Cs) with the following outcomes:

  • A growing global community adopts, implements and supports 4Cs conserving ever more unique ecosystems and using them sustainably
  • The 4C approach as the quadruple bottom line for sustainable development takes roots in The Long Run network and over time extends to other sectors of economy
  • The Long Run as a recognized brand and motivator, effectively shaping the global sustainability movement
  • The Long Run evolves to a robust and financially sustainable organisation competently serving its membership for The Long Run and furthering its mission around the world.

The Long Run

It is by 2025 that the envisaged outcomes will have been significantly achieved through business plans implemented for successive periods of 4-5 years.