Who are The Long Run Supporters?

The Long Run Supporters are organisations that share The Long Run's drive to support sustainable, ecologically and socially responsible projects around the world. They demonstrate this commitment by signing the Long Run Charter.

Why become a Supporter of The Long Run?

As a Supporter of The Long Run you will have access to a host of benefits. These include:

  1. An enhanced profile in an increasingly environmentally conscious world: As a Supporter of The Long Run you become part of a unique group that is committed to achieve the highest standards in sustainability through the holistic balance of conservation, community, culture and commerce (the 4Cs).
  2. A means by which to pioneer ideas: The Long Run provides you with trustworthy places on earth in which new technologies and approaches can be pioneered.
  3. Access to unique opportunities: The Long Run GER® are carrying out innovative projects that you can support in addition to your Corporate Social Responsibility activities.
  4. Access to novel information: Being a Supporter of The Long Run enables you to access novel information generated from unique projects supported through the Long Run Initiative; placing you at the cutting edge of conceptual and practical approaches to sustainability.
  5. Knowledge of best practice at your fingertips: Enjoy access to examples of best practice through horizontal and vertical knowledge sharing through our extensive global network of institutions.
  6. The right to use our globally recognised tag line 'For The Long Run': As a Supporter of The Long Run Supporter you have the right to use the globally recognised tag line ‘For the Long Run’ and The Long Run logo, which demonstrates that you are part of a unique group that is genuinely committed to sustainability and believes in ’acting today for a better tomorrow’.
  7. High-profile associations: As a Supporter of The Long Run you will be associated with The Long Run's network of high-profile Ambassadors and Specialists.

Interested in becoming a Long Run Supporter?

If you wish to join a network of like-minded organisations and do your part in restoring our ecosphere into a healthy state for posterity, please fill out this expression of interest.