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EcoCamp Patagonia

EcoCamp is owned and operated by Chilean in-bound tour operator Cascada Expediciones, specialising in adventure trips of the highest quality. Cascada was founded in 1991 by university friends Yerko Ivelic and Javier Lopez and environmental steward Nani Astorga and over the last twenty years has been running eco-friendly trips in Patagonia, Chile, Argentina and Bolivia with activities including trekking, mountaineering, horseback riding, rafting, kayaking, skiing, wildlife observation and wine tours. In the last twenty years over 20,000 people visiting Chile have enjoyed Cascada-operated tours at EcoCamp Patagonia and throughout Chile. Check out Cascada's photo timeline from the last 20 years!

EcoCamp was opened in 2001 by Javier, Yerko and Nani - The region's first fully sustainable accommodation south of the Amazon and the world's first geodesic hotel room.

Here you can get a great glimpse of the experience at EcoCamp Patagonia, its history, ethos and natural heritage.

EcoCamp has gained an award-winning reputation for its eco-friendly policies and innovative use of green technology. We are leaders in environmentally responsible travel to areas of fragile natural resources and we minimise the footprint of every visitor in Torres del Paine National Park through our careful development strategy and implementation of green technology. Our low impact design and focus on raising guests’ awareness of how to care for their environment highlights our commitment to a greener present and future for tourism. Conservation is central to the philosophy driving our operations, and we have been certified as complying with the highest international standards of environmental management, such as ISO14001.

You can also read here for more about EcoCamp Patagonia's sustainable design.


EcoCamp's Responsible Tourism Policy

We will endeavour to adhere to the following goals in order to deliver sustainable, responsibly operated holidays where EcoCamp's guests, staff, community and surrounding environment are of the utmost priority