World Wildlife Day

The Long Run for a wildlife-diverse world

March 3rd 2015 is the UN World Wildlife Day in which we not only acknowledge and celebrate the value of wildlife for the planet and humankind but also urge for its protection and call for action on wildlife crime. From the birds that you see in your garden to the mighty lion while on safari, wildlife can have the power to inspire and surprise us. Many of us depend on wildlife as a resource for our livelihoods and yet some species are under serious threat of extinction. Nonetheless it’s in human nature to overcome challenges and change things for the better. The Long Run is fully committed to this cause and, aggregated, 18,875 species, 680 endemic or endangered, are protected by our members.

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Grootbos employment opportunities

The Long Run for Social Justice

The world is changing rapidly creating challenges for many of the people living on this planet. The 20th February is the World Day of Social Justice, in which we remember that every person on Earth has the right of access to resources, education, decent employment, health, gender equity and justice. The Long Run is committed to ensure that the well-being of communities and individuals reached by this organisation is achieved. Social justice lies within The Long Run’s 4C ethos: Conservation, Community, Culture and Commerce. Without social justice sustainability and the 4C’s can’t become a reality.

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Waste to Wealth

The Long Run’s GER® and members come together to turn waste into wealth

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. This English idiomatic expression could not be more correct, waste is not always worthless and with some creativity it can become a new opportunity, most of the times having a business case. Some of The Long Run’s GER® and members joined in last week for a conference “4C Call” (covering The Long Run’s 4Cs of sustainability: Conservation, Community, Culture and Commerce) on the topic “Waste into Wealth”.

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G-AAMY flying over Laikipia

Revive "Out of Africa" memories with the G-AAMY biplane at Segera

"I had a farm in Africa". Some movies stay in our minds even years after they came out and few have inspired the sense of romanticism about the African continent as the Oscar-winning movie of "Out of Africa". One of its most remembered scenes is when Robert Redford and Meryl Streep fly over the awe-inspiring and vast landscapes of Kenya. The aircraft in which they did became an icon in its own right and, 30 years later, the yellow G-AAMY biplane has returned to Africa.

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TLR Twitter screenshot

The Long Run will co-host the "Peace Through Tourism" #Africhat on February 18, 2015

On February 18, 2015, at 4:30pm GMT, The Long Run in collaboration with The International Institute for Peace Through Tourism (IITP) and Been To Africa invite you to interactively join the IIPT World Symposium at this month's #Africhat on Twitter.

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