Pacuare Lodge, Long Run Initiative, Zeitz Foundation, Tuis Farm

Pacuare Lodge Fresh Products: Tuis Farm

Provide travellers with a unique experience which exceeds their expectations is important for a tourism business. But working in a sustainable way is as important to the Long Run Initiative members, who consider each aspect of their operation with great care and creativity. Following this trend, Pacuare Lodge, located in the Pacuare River in Costa Rica, has set out to increase its sustainability and benefits to the local community by partnering with a small farm to grow organic fruit and vegetables.

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WTTC, Tourism for Tomorrow, Zeitz Foundation

Tourism for Tomorrow Awards deadline is slowly approaching!

The 2015 Tourism for Tomorrow Awards hosted by World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) are still open for entries until the 14th of November 2014. WTTC is encouraging businesses and organisations committed to sustainable tourism to apply before the deadline to ensure their efforts are recognised.

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Nkwichi Lodge, Zeitz Foundation, Long Run Initiative

Protecting Biodiversity with Conservation Agriculture on the Shores of Lake Niassa – Northern Mozambique

Effective biodiversity conservation in the area a destination owns, manages and influences is often a complex task requiring a balanced approach of conservation and community support. By linking conservation agriculture with biodiversity conservation, the Manda Wilderness Project has created a viable chance to protect a pristine corner of Africa.

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Campi Ya Kanzi, Long Run Initiative, Zeitz Foundation

Campi ya Kanzi Kidz Camp – raising awareness among the next generation about Maasai culture and traditions

Creating mutually enriching and authentic cultural exchanges between the custodians of the cultural heritage and guests is not an easy task. However cultural exchange is a way to promote respect, increase understanding and support the conservation of local traditions and practices.

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Ocean Sole, Zeitz Foundation, Long Run Initiative

Working with Sole – Using Waste Products Creatively to Reduce Beach Pollution and Local Poverty

It was a passion for changing people’s perceptions, attitudes and actions related to the pollution of our fragile oceans, as well as a drive to invest in trade initiatives rather than in an unsustainable aid approach to alleviate poverty in Africa, that led to the creation of Ocean Sole. This unique social enterprise uses flipflops to create awareness about the plight of our oceans and create unique opportunities to improve the lives of local people whilst offering an innovative way to keep beaches clean. 

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