Soneva Slow Life Foundation Myanmar Stoves

Soneva's Stoves - Update

An update on soneva's Slow Life Foundation Stoves Campaigns

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Tree Planting at Sinal

Sinal's Assisted Natural Regeneration (ANR)

This year Sinal do Vale started an exciting new conservation experiment on Assisted Natural Regeneration (ANR) with the state environmental institute of Rio de Janeiro.

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Sasaab Team Talk 2015

Sasaab's TEAM TALK

Team Talk is a fun and educational project which uses Tag Rugby and educational workshops to directly improve the lives of young girls and boys, enabling them to play a fuller role in the family and the wider community.

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Zeitz Foundation Bursary Sebastian Lekurtut with Njenga of the ZF

Zeitz Foundation scholarships come of age

He saw airplanes and got fascinated. The moment he realised that it is actual people flying them, he knew he wanted to become a pilot in future. The countdown is on...

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Sassab dental clinic

Sasaab's Dental Clinic is all SmileStar

Sasaab Lodge partnered with a charity from the UK called SmileStar to hold their second dental clinic in the Westgate area.

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