For Immediate Release: Bejing, March 14 2012 ... World-renowned film star Xia Yu joins the Zeitz Foundation today as Ambassador for Conservation to support international efforts to promote sustainable lifestyles, particularly in relation to conservation.

During a ceremony in Beijing, Dr Liz Rihoy, Executive Director of the Zeitz Foundation welcomed Xia Yu as its newest Ambassador, saying  ‘the Zeitz Foundation is delighted to welcome Xia Yu as one of our Ambassadors for Conservation. Xia Yu is well known for his dedication to conservation as well as his influential role in the film world and we believe he will be an invaluable asset in supporting the Zeitz Foundation’s efforts to achieve a fundamental shift towards more sustainable lifestyles. Our invitation to Xia Yu to become an Ambassador is in recognition not only of Xia Yu but also of China’s pivotal role in moving forwards the international agenda to achieve a sustainable future for the world’.


Mr. Jochen Zeitz, Founder and Chairman of the Zeitz Foundation, and Chairman of the Board of PUMA, noted that ‘The Zeitz Foundation recognizes that China plays a fundamentally important role in ensuring a sustainable future for the world and my Foundation is dedicated in its commitment to building positive relationships with and in China. I am therefore particularly delighted that such an influential and renowned figure as Xia Yu has agreed to join the Zetiz Foundation and offer his support to the cause of conservation and sustainability’.


Xia Yu is one of the biggest names in China’s movie industry, renowned for his award winning performances in movies such as ‘Shadow Magic’, ‘Shanghai Rumba’ and ‘Waiting Alone’. Internationally, he has played leading roles in ‘the Painted Veil’ (America) and ‘Desire’ (India) to name but a few.  In 1994 he became the youngest actor ever to win the coveted Best Actor award at the Venice Film Festival for his role in ‘in the heat of the sun’.

Xia Yu joins other internationally renowned individuals - such as athlete Usain Bolt, Zeitz Foundation Ambassador for Culture (Sport); fashion designers Vivienne Westwood and Andreas Kronthaler, Ambassadors for Community; entertainers Amadou & Mariam, Ambassadors for Culture (Art); director Stephen Hopkins, Ambassador for Conservation; and business leader François-Henri Pinault, Ambassador for Commerce -in representing the Zeitz Foundation.


The aim of the Zeitz Foundation is to promote an innovative approach to sustainable ecosystem management which aims to achieve sustainability through a balance of conservation, community, culture and commerce (the Zeitz Foundations 4Cs). The Ambassadors work on themes related to each of the 4Cs. They are also involved in the Long Run Initiative, the Zeitz Foundation’s flagship programme, built around Long Run Supporters; Long Run Alliance Members; and Long Run Destinations, by reaching out, into every aspect of day to day life by putting the Long Run philosophy into practice.




About the Zeitz Foundation:

Founded in 2008 by business entrepreneur JochenZeitz, CEO Sport & Lifestyle Group and CSO of PPR and Chairman of theBoard of PUMA, the Zeitz Foundation is a non-profit organization headquartered in Kenya and with representation in the United States, Germany and the United Kingdom.

The Zeitz Foundation promotes an innovative approach to sustainable ecosystem management which aims to achieve sustainability through a balance of Conservation, Community, Culture and Commerce (the 4Cs). Our aim is to encourage action today for a better tomorrow. Our vision is of an ecosphere – our planet and all of its life-sustaining regions – maintained in the healthiest possible state, with the major contribution to that health coming from people making sustainable choices.

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