Education, Sport and Segera—the teaming up of vital links in the Laikipia community

Segera is in the process of developing learning opportunities on the retreat that engage students in conservation and wildlife awareness, both within the classroom and in the field.

Segera is the proud sponsor of the Segera Football Team. In 2008 and in 2009, the team represented Segera in the Laikipia Highlands Games’ “Sports for Peace” event organised by the Great Rift Valley Trust in association with the Gallmann Memorial Foundation.

Segera, in collaboration with other partners in Kenya, is planning a nationwide youth football event to coincide with the World Cup in 2010. This will focus on using sport as a means to raise environmental awareness amongst the youth of Kenya.

Segera is also planning the development of an artist colony, which will bring together international artists and local arts and culture as a means to promote artistic interaction and exchange.