Wolwedans Long Run Destination adorns cover of Ralph Lauren Magazine

The beauty of the desert, the vastness of its views; once again, Wolwedans Long Run Destination is covered in praise.

Featuring on the cover of Ralph Lauren’s Spring 2010 Magazine, Wolwedans reveals its mystique. The article explains how travellers are increasingly seeking ‘a more meaningful travel experience that focuses on privacy, simplicity, and a connection with the natural world’, noting that the latest travel buzz is being monopolized by smaller, less flashy hotels in remote locations. A precursor in its field, Wolwedans has been offering just that for the past ten years.


In the words of Stephan Brückner, the managing director and son of Wolwedans’ founder, "we don't want to attract the guys that want marble bathrooms, (…) instead, the Reserve offers a very honest, down-to-earth nature experience."


The architecture is "soft on nature," continues Brückner: "Every camp or lodge we built, we can take away without leaving any traces." And the camps, with their rust and sandstone colours and natural wood, do indeed camouflage against the landscape.


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