Welcome to the second issue of the Zeitz Foundation newsletter. As we look back over the past year, I am very pleased by what has been achieved. Our Long Run Alliance is poised to grow, adding new members to expand our current network in the months to come and with three new Long Run Alliance Members joining recently: Tenuta di Spannocchia in Italy; Vista Alegre in Brazil; and Cottars Camp in Kenya.

Whilst we are now starting to expand, we are also working on refining the different steps within our Long Run Initiative, from Long Run Supporters all the way to Long Run Destinations. This newsletter explains what is going on behind the scenes.

On this note, we have just celebrated the certification of the first two founding Long Run Alliance Members: Chumbe and Monte Azul are now Long Run Destinations - Global Ecosphere Retreats® (GER) certified! They have reached the end of the certification process, passing the hurdles with flying colours. Certification of Tahi in New Zealand is also imminent.

We have also just announced that PPR Group, the leading Luxury, Sport & Lifestyle holding company, has become the first Long Run Supporter. PPR Group is pledging to follow The Long Run philosophy which underpins the Long Run Initiative and PPR CEO François-Henri Pinault signed the Long Run Charter showing his personal commitment to adhering to the principles
of the initiative.

On the ground, among many other things, the Foundation has made big steps towards completing its headquarters. Our five abandoned and dilapidated buildings on Segera have now been transformed into a manager’s house, staff and visitor accommodation, offices and a guest house. Also on Segera, the news has spread that the Laikipia and Beyond Unity Cup football tournament that was such a success last year will be taking place again in 2012. This will give our saplings just enough time to grow, our medical teams time to re-fuel and our scoring skills time to improve!

On a less positive note, it is with sadness that I accept Gregory David Robert’s letting go of his Ambassador for Community position due to pressure of work from elsewhere. Greg has guided me with the Foundation since its early development stages and is an integral part of its rapid success today. His time and investment behind the scenes is something we will capitalise on also in the future, but I am happy he will continue to support us in a ‘Friends’ capacity.

In this issue, we share our successes and look at what makes us what we are, indeed, interviews with several of the Long Run founder destinations and our Ambassadors for Culture (Art) Amadou & Mariam remind us of what drives this Foundation: the commitment we all share to take every measure we can for a better world and to act for The Long Run.

Finally, I would like to draw your attention to the Upcoming Prizes & Awards section of this newsletter as deadlines are approaching and you might want to get your applications in, and also invite you to log on to our intranet to ensure you are up to speed with the most recent developments.

Best regards
Jochen Zeitz

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