The Long Run is about seeing sustainability in a holistic way. A key component to achieving Long Run goals is through cultivating relationships spanning boundaries and cultures while strengthening partnerships across public and private spheres. For both The Long Run and the Zeitz Foundation, partnerships foster and strengthen efforts to promote Long Run Destinations as a truly global initiative and ensure the highest standards of sustainability at these destinations and beyond.

Whether corporations, NGOs, cooperatives, or governmental organisations, our partners share in our dedication to taking a fair, honest, positive, and creative approach to living and working sustainably. These Long Runners help strengthen our efforts through contributions of financial and human resources, expertise, and policy.

In addition, Long Run Destinations can build strong collaborative relationships with one another. In addition to the international, regional and local partners that work with in the field with our Long Run Destinations, these certified organisations also have access through the Zeitz Foundation to a network of high-profile Ambassadors and expert Specialists in each of the 4Cs dimensions, and NGOs. Such partnerships provide one another with strategic and technical support, resulting in a continuum of advances and improvements in best practices.


ResourceAfrica is working to support the rights and aspirations of rural people through new collaborative management approaches for the conservation and sustainable use of natural resources in Africa. Resource Africa aims to deliver tangible and equitable community benefits, that in turn help encourage more effective resource conservation. With offices in Pretoria, South Africa and Cambridge, England, they have created a communication portal between resource managers in Africa and international policy makers.


Based in Munich, Germany, the Hanns Seidel Foundation (HSF) is a state-financed, non-profit and political foundation represented in more than 65 countries worldwide providing specific country-based projects. HSF projects focus on the promotion of Environmental Education for Sustainable Development, covering training/capacity and institution buildings, exchange program, dialogue, public awareness, workshops, seminars and publications for the entire society. Projects also include promoting democracy and enforcing the rules of law.


The Laikipia Wildlife Forum (LWF) is a member driven, community conservation and wildlife management association that continues to place Laikipia District at the forefront of wildlife conservation in Kenya. It brings together private ranchers, small scale farmers, pastoralists, local community initiatives, and tourism ventures. They are united by a common goal – to conserve the integrity of the Laikipia ecosystem – by creatively managing natural resources to improve the livelihood of its people.


The Fair Labor Association is a multi-stakeholder initiative aiming to improve working conditions around the world. The Organisation has a global network of certification assessors and applies its understanding of regional and global trends in labour rights and compliance to develop lasting solutions. They have developed a Workplace Code of Conduct and have created a practical monitoring, remediation and verification process to ensure participating companies meet the criteria.


Based in the USA, the Global Academy Foundation is a non-profit organization focusing on leadership development, consulting and coaching for leaders, organizations and movements working towards a more humane, peaceful and sustainable world. 


The Tourism Sustainability Council (TSC) is a newly formed organization aiming to increase: the knowledge and understanding of sustainable tourism practices; the adoption of universal sustainable tourism principles, and the offer of sustainable product to markets. The vision of the TSC is to maximize tourism’s potential as a driver of conservation and economic development for communities and businesses around the world, and as a tool for poverty alleviation.


The Global Partnership for Sustainable Tourism aims to transform the way tourism is done worldwide. It focuses on policy, projects, tools, and networks for all tourism stakeholders, at all scales.


Atopia Research is a research and design organization that works globally to bring innovation, strategic thinking and design expertise to bear on some of the most intractable complex environmental and social issues that we encounter today, engaging in humanitarian relief projects and conducting research into the interdependence of informatics, economics and ecology. The organization’s mission is both charitable and educational.


The Ethical Fashion Programme is run by the International Trade Centre (ITC) which aims to reduce poverty in impoverhished African communities through fashion. It's philosphy - 'Not Charity, Just Work' - underlines its goal to eradicate the culture of dependancy and rather foster one of self-reliance and dignity.