Project Status: Development

Tahi is situated in an area with a rich diversity of habitats, from tussock grasslands on the sand dunes neighbouring the beach, through to native New Zealand forests in the upper parts of the property. Its main conservation activities are centred on restoration of natural habitats. It is now undertaking a project to eradicate alien invasive plant species and restore the biodiversity of the forest, beach, wetland and estuarine habitat at Pataua North.


The Pataua North Landcare area supports high biodiversity values centred on an interconnected network of ecosystems including lowland forest, coastal dunes, wetlands and the Pataua Estuary. Three of these areas form part of the Whangaruru Ecological District as sites of high conservation value. These include Pataua Estuary Forest Remnants (109ha), sections of Pataua Estuary (281ha) and Parauwanui Beach.

These estuary sites are representative of important coastal forests. Pataua Estuary has numerous threatened bird species; while Parauwanui Beach has a number of threatened and at risk birds including New Zealand Dotterel, Caspian Tern, White-fronted tern and Variable Oystercatcher. There are also a number of endangered plant species in the area, such as the Pimelea. Through the eradication of alien invasive plant speicies, Tahi aims to support the propagation of these threatened and endangered plant and bird species.

Plan of action

Tahi, along with other landowners in the area will carry out weed and pest control on its property on an ongoing basis. In addition dedicated manpower will be hired to ensure systematic searches of the property. Tahi Estate has an annual planting program of 30,000 native plants that it grows in its own nurseries from local seed and cuttings. In the last 6 years it has planted around 170,000 plants to convert a rundown cattle farm into a biodiversity estate. Working in conjunction with other landowners in the area is set to bring about a greater more lasting impact of this important project.

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